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St Peters - the only team that can stop St Philips?

How quickly things can turn around in a season! Your St Peters Parish cricket team is on an impressive winning streak, following a tough start to the season where they won only one from five. Since the 22nd of December, St Peters has defeated St Matthews Baulkham Hills, St James Croydon, Bethel Mar Thoma, and most recently, Turramurra Uniting.

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It's hard to believe, but the native-born peoples of the Western highlands in Papua New Guinea first set eyes on people of European descent less than one hundred years ago. There's an abundance of old archival film footage recording those early encounters with white men seeking gold. However, it was fourteen years later (1934) that Catholic missionaries from the German based Society of the Divine Word reached the second highest volcanic mountain (now apparently extinct) in Papua New Guinea. It's named Mount Hagen after a German colonial officer, Kurt von Hagen. He who may have been associated with the Lutheran mission that arrived soon after Rev. Fr. William Rose SVD and his Catholic companions. Truth is liberating and empowering. Archbishop Douglas Young SVD tells me that there are now about 160,000 Catholics in his far-flung and mountainous Archdiocese of the Western Highlands. If thirty percent of the total population is Catholic, another thirty percent is Lutheran. However, there's a new wave of missionaries on the move right now, and they may well prove to be wolves in sheep's clothing. Highlanders are being lured away from the old Catholic and Lutheran traditions of faith and worship by gospel fellowship "churches" in the bible-only tradition. Their worship is little more than entertainment by "hillsongsters" in an auditorium:  a feel-good religion that is not too strict about divorce and re-marriage etc. It's not surprising that young Catholics aged 18-25, especially those with a deficient Catholic education, are being traduced by the pied-pipers of this shallow but showy form of Christianity.

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Currently, the SPYN Young Adults are running the Evangelium program, a multimedia catechetical course teaching the essentials of the Catholic faith and life in a straightforward, precise and attractive manner. The Young Adults group meet every Sunday at 12:00pm after the 10:30am Mass. Feel free to come along; we'd love to see you there! Non Catholics interested in learning more about the Catholic faith would also benefit from this course. For more information, please contact Matthew Powell  or Fr Bill Milsted.