The St. Peter's Choir began in 1988 with parishioners Danny and Carey Luke, who organised and sang the music from week to week for over 20 years. During this time, Robert Pearce has been preparing a setting for the weekly psalm and also playing the organ for congregational singing. Other parishioners, such as Zanty and Naomi soon joined this core group. Later, Catherine de Luca, a soprano soloist added her beautiful voice to the Sunday singing.  In more recent years, the stalwarts have been joined by a host of young men and women from far-reaching places with the unanimous goal of producing high quality liturgical music.

Since its inception fourteen members have been added to the choir started by Danny and Carey, with seven men and eight women now singing every Sunday at the 10.30am Mass.

The choristers meet every Monday night from 6pm to 7.30pm to rehearse a variety of pieces for the Sunday Mass. Rehearsals begin with learning the psalm setting prepared by Robert Pearce. The psalm is sung in four-part harmony. Rehearsal  continues with the opening and recessional hymns. The final and most prominent section of the session involves learning a variety of technically challenging pieces by renowned composers including William Byrd, Thomas Tallis, Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart and many more. These pieces are sung at the Offertory and/or Communion and always involve four-part harmonies.

In more recent times, the choir has undertaken songs in numerous languages including French, Latin and German, the most recent being 'Cantique de Jean Racine' by Gabriel Fauré.

The choir itself is run by the parish's musical juggernaut Eugene Raggio, who not only teaches the music in a diverse number of languages but also plays the organ for every Sunday mass. The choirmaster has been at the parish since mid-2010 and has elevated the quality of liturgical music exponentially, for the glory of God.

However, the choir is always looking for new members to participate and engage in the learning of sacred music under the tutelage of E. Raggio, with the choir still searching particularly for more male voices.

If you would like to join simply speak to parish priest Fr. Bill after Sunday Mass or contact Fr. Bill on 9698 1948.