Marriage is the Sacrament by which a baptised man and woman are bound together by vows to an exclusive lifelong commitment to one another and to accepting and raising children. In this Sacrament, God gives grace for the fulfilment of these duties.

The spouses confer the Sacrament on one another. They must vow freely, have no impediments (such as previous valid marriages), be committed to one another for life and be open to children from God.

As marriage is indissoluble until death, divorce is impossible. An annulment is the recognition by the Church that there was never a valid marriage in the first place.

All marriages between Christians are Sacramental, but the Church encourages its members to marry other Catholics since complete unity of faith is a great help and source of grace in families.

Couples who have never been validly married can explore the possibility of a Church wedding by contacting Fr Bill Milsted on 9698 1948. It is recommended that couples attend a marriage preparation course conducted by the Catholic Adult Education Centre at Lidcombe (